So you’ve got the start of your dream farmhouse kitchen. Maybe you just got new cabinets, maybe you’ve got your massive center island, maybe you’ve got all your rustic signs and accessories but you want to organize and/or take your space to the next level. Below are ten easy ways to either renovate, upgrade, or DIY your space to get you one step further to achieving your rustic farmhouse kitchen.

Take those cabinet doors off

An easy way to change up your kitchen space is by actually taking off your cabinet doors. Having open cabinets mixed in is a great way to give variety of texture to your cabinetry without costing you anything.

If you decide the look isn’t for you it’s easy to reattach them but if it’s a permanent change you could re purpose the doors by adding hooks to hang coats or mugs or cooking utensils off of for a fun creative extra piece!

Get new stools

If your kitchen features any seating area that has bar stools, consider replacing them. On trend now are the backless metal kind that come in a variety of fun colors or basic metal.

Choose what fits the personality of you and your kitchen best and you’ll be amazed at what a huge difference changing them out makes.

Change up your storage containers

It’s easy to cram all of your cooking utensils and accessories into various drawers with very little organization except for maybe by size. It’s also just as easy to hodge-podge all of your various storage containers you’ve acquired over the years to just hold stuff. It can look cluttered.

My tip to you is to get rid of it. Upgrade them with affordable matching container sets; these matching sets (that sometimes even come with labels already on them) are more accessible to find than ever and this helps you de-clutter your kitchen and move you closer to your farmhouse aesthetic!

Repaint or distress your cabinets

If you’re not a fan of totally removing the doors of your cabinets and it is far out of your budget to completely upgrade your cabinetry, consider repainting or distressing your cabinets.

There are plenty of YouTube videos and online written tutorials instructing you how to strip the paint as well as reapplying your desired stain or paint and distressing the stain or paint.

Change out your light fixtures

The light fixtures you have in your kitchen may have come with your home. If they’re beginning to look out of place in your newly decorated kitchen, consider switching out the light fixtures along with everything else! Consider light fixtures that resemble lanterns, or Edison lights.

They are simple pieces that offer a rustic charm to your kitchen without sacrificing any more space than they already are. If your new light fixtures have for some reason sacrificed the lighting, consider installing recessed lighting. Doing the job yourself is a fairly simple task with the resources available nowadays!

But always be careful when fiddling with electricity! Take proper care to know if your electricity is off before you begin the process of switching out or installing any new light fixtures.

DIY Table Runners

Table runners at that home decor store just too expensive? Consider heading to your nearest craft store and picking up a few yards of duck canvas fabric in your desired print!

Make sure the length is longer than the length of your table and simply trim it to the width you want when you get home and hem the edges underneath! This could be done with a sewing machine or by hand.

New you, new towels

Another simple way to spruce up your rustic farmhouse kitchen is by simply changing out your tea towels. Are they starting to look drab? Got holes or tears? Keep them for deeper cleaning projects or to wipe down your pets but exchange out the ones you like to keep on display (we all hang them on our oven door handle, admit it) for some new ones in cute designs!

Match the season or your mood or whatever your heart desires! Tea towels are such an inexpensive way to make your kitchen look expensive and well put together while still achieving your rustic farmhouse look.

Overhaul your island

If you feel like your kitchen island looks out of place, consider painting the base or countertop or both. If it’s possible, consider changing out the countertop completely for a fresh new look.

These small changes take less than a day if you’re dedicated and bring your rustic farmhouse kitchen even more harmoniously together.

Change cabinet pulls

If you’ve changed your cabinet doors’ color why not complete the overhaul by changing out your cabinet pulls. You can easily exchange them out for something functional and made to look rustic for around $30 (depending on how many cabinet doors you have).

Good quality cabinet pulls can be found at your local home improvement store for anywhere from a dollar and some change to $4 and some change depending on your budget.

Take your cabinets to the ceiling

This trend is everywhere in rustic farmhouse kitchen renovation. They make your ceilings look taller and they can offer extra storage, all while keeping with your rustic design goals. So whether you’re looking to add storage options or you like the look of tall cabinets, you can accomplish this!

There are countless instructions on the internet and some even claiming the project can take less than an hour and under $20! These various articles offer both storage or aesthetic options so it’s really up to your personal preference if these additions will be functional or not.

These are just ten ways you can make easy upgrades to your kitchen. Take them, twist them, make new ones out of them, and most of all, happy upgrading!