Rustic designed homes offer a lot of appeal. These homes are inviting and relaxing. The key is to keep your design fresh and updated; this will keep your design current.

Whether or not your home is already rustic, there are several steps you can take to ensure your home is on-trend. Although rustic design typically uses softer colors, you can also use a bolder hue. Navy is one of those colors, and there are many ways to incorporate it throughout your home. Let’s take a look at some of those ways.

Kitchen cabinets

A great place to add navy is to use it with your kitchen cabinets. Since navy is a stronger color, you do not need to add a lot to make a statement. You could switch out your metal knobs for navy blue ones. This switch adds a pop of color throughout your kitchen.

Another option is to use glass doors and have navy blue on the inside of the cabinets. This allows for a nice touch of blue to come through.


An obvious choice for using navy is in the rugs and carpets. What is lovely about using navy in rugs is that you can achieve a sense of continuity throughout your home. You can use stair treads in a navy plaid to nicely connect two different floors in your home. For a more updated look, consider layering rugs in navy tones.

Window Treatments

There are many ways to use navy when it comes to window treatments. A beautiful Roman shade in navy will work in just about any room. You might also consider a valance in a navy and cream toile. For a light and airy look, you could opt for sheer ceiling to floor curtains in navy. Use a metal or wooden tie back and allow the material to pool on the floor.

Potted Plants

The use of flower pots is a great way to add subtle pops of navy around the house. Take a variety of plants and place them in navy blue pots. The containers can be a mix of solid navy, checkered navy, navy polka dots, etc. After you have the plants in your pots, arrange them in groups in different rooms. You can add plants to a kitchen window, your deck or porch, a powder room, and bedrooms.


Throw pillows and accent pillows are an easy way to use navy in your rustic home design. You should plan on piling up pillows in a variety of shapes and designs using the color navy to tie it all together. Accent pillows can be used in your living room kitchen, bedroom, and porch.

Anywhere that you have a chair, you can use accent pillows. An added benefit to using pillows is that you can continually change them up, which helps keep the look fresh.

Picture Frames

Important and sentimental photos grouped together are always a nice touch in your home design. If you are looking to incorporate the color navy, consider using navy picture frames. You could also use navy blue matting. For a more significant impact, consider mixing up the navy frames and the navy matting. Pictures can be grouped on a wall or table and can be used throughout your home.

Accent Wall

When done correctly, an accent wall can be an effective way to pull color into a room. It is essential to realize that you do not need to have an accent wall in every room; you can utilize one in your living room or dining room. Paint one wall navy, and be sure to use a cream trim.

Alternatively, you could wallpaper one wall with a beautiful navy pattern. Make sure that the wall you choose is the one you want to be the focal point of your room.


The ceiling is an often overlooked area when it comes to design. If you have exposed wood beams in your ceiling, consider painting the space between them navy. If you have a regular sheetrock ceiling, you can still get some navy there. In this case, paint a navy blue border around the ceiling. This will give your ceiling a bit of height and some visual interest.


Your kitchen and bathrooms can incorporate some navy in the backsplash. The great part about adding a backsplash is that you will be able to choose from many different tile patterns. Adding a punch of navy here is an efficient way to make a statement. And a backsplash is something that can be changed and updated easily as your tastes change.

Pet beds

Ok, this is a fun idea. Many homes have pets, and we like to spoil them. You can pick up a beautifully soft, comfy bed for your dog or cat in pet stores and online. Why not pick up a bed in navy? It could have navy stripes, polka dots, or be a solid navy. Place this new bed in any room in your home, and you have a nice pop of navy!


Your everyday dishes are an excellent way to weave some navy blue into your rustic design home. There are many different styles and patterns that you can choose from that have the color featured in them. This is another area where it is perfectly acceptable to mix and match patterns.

If you are looking to purchase a more formal set of dinnerware, you will also have many options that feature the color navy. Navy is a great color to match with your rustic environment.

Table linens

Tablecloths and napkins are a beautiful way to add a pop of color to both your kitchen and dining room. Take your dinnerware into consideration, and you have the opportunity to construct many layers using navy blue. Look for table runners or tablecloths and coordinating napkins for a finished look.

Bed linens

Along the same line as table linens, bed linens are an easy way to make sure your home design features the color navy. You can use a dust ruffle trimmed in navy and top the bed with a quilt featuring navy blue. This is a timeless look. Pile on pillows in various designs with navy and you are all set.


Towels will not necessarily take about a lot of room, but they can be used as part of your home design. In the kitchen, you can have towels in navy blue and patterns that use navy. In a bathroom, why not use a reclaimed wood ladder and hang your navy towels over it? Towels in your preferred color choice make it easy to combine both form and function.

Front Porch

Let your front porch set the tone for the rest of your home before your visitors step foot inside. Make sure to use a welcome mat that has navy in it, and some navy blue milk can flower pots. You can use outdoor cushions that are navy on a rocking chair or porch swing. Add door wreath with a burlap and navy bow, and your home is ready.

Final Thoughts

A rustic design home is inviting and relaxing. You do not have to use navy necessarily; you can use any other color that complements your house.

You also do not need to use a lot of your chosen color to make a big statement. Often a smaller, well thought out accent in your preferred color will make the more significant impact. The most important factor is that you enjoy the special touches in your own home.