If you go to Pinterest you will be flooded with (and possibly overwhelmed by) all of the ideas that go under the umbrella of rustic bedroom decor. Below is a list of seven of the most common elements across these photos to help you be a bit less overwhelmed and a few steps closer to achieving your desired relaxed and rustic bedroom aesthetic.

Jumbo knit blanket

No one really says no to a good throw blanket, right? What’s rising in popularity now are jumbo knit blankets. Several online personalities have detailed tutorials walking you through how to create one from scratch but you could always pick one up in store or from an online retailer. They’re ubiquitous enough now to be carried by most stores with a home decor section right next to the other throw blankets!

Reclaimed wood headboard

If you’re looking to change up your bed frame consider either making a headboard from reclaimed wood or choosing a headboard made to look like one! Typically reclaimed wood headboards consist of planks taken from farmhouses, shiplap, or old barns but any planks of wood in your designed width and length should work!

Barn door for closet door

Another fun element that could either be a ready made product or a fun DIY! You could repurpose some old wood into the style of a barn door or purchase one and refinish it to your desired stain. There are also plenty of kits that make installing this fun rustic piece a breeze! Just last week my dad installed one for my mom as a belated Christmas gift!

Old window shutters as wall art

An awesome way to frame your bed if you prefer not to have a headboard is to put old window shutters on either side, you can further distress them or paint them a solid color to match your desired rustic color scheme.

Wooden frame around a mirror

Buy any cheap full length mirror and reframe it in a distressed wood! Hang it on the back of your closet door or prop it up somewhere in your room so you can get ready for the day staring right at a piece of furniture that makes your room feel rustic and cozy!

Accent wall of reclaimed wood

If a headboard or barn door just isn’t enough, try an entire accent wall of reclaimed wood! That could be the wall behind your bed in place of a headboard or the wall across from your bed so it’s the first thing you see when you wake up. A neat way to make it super unique is painting or staining each plank in a different color. Pick say two or three stains or paint colors and do a random pattern, and even leave some planks the original color for added depth.

Blanket ladder

Do you need a place to store the jumbo knit blanket you’ve made or purchased? Consider a blanket ladder as a creative storage method. These don’t just have to house your blankets they can also be used to store your scarves! Blanket scarves are still on trend anyways so it works!

These seven ways are just the beginning of your rustic bedroom. Take these ideas and run with them, change them up to fit your needs and happy decorating!