Rustic home style has many devout fans. Decorating your home in this style gives it a certain warmth and charm. In order to convey the right atmosphere, it is essential to follow a few style guidelines.

To achieve a rustic home, you should try to incorporate elements of nature, fabrics in different textures, and use wood. An easy way to use wood is to make use of reclaimed barn wood ladders. These ladders are readily available and will add a rustic touch to any room.

Here are some unique ways to use reclaimed barn wood ladders in just about any room of your home.

Bathroom towel storage

One easy way to use a barn wood ladder is to place it in your bathroom. The rungs of the ladder make an attractive and easy way to store towels.

Depending on how many rungs there are, you can arrange towels in a variety of ways. Perhaps you could drape bigger bath sheets over the bottom rungs. Then place hand towels in the middle and washcloths near the top. You could also arrange towel sets in groups for each person.


If you can obtain two barn wood ladders, you can make shelves. This is a relatively easy DIY project that can make a significant impact. Shelves can be useful in the kitchen, a bedroom, family room, or home office.

To do this project, make sure you have two ladders and some shorter wood pieces. First, you will take nails and brackets and attach the ladders together so that they form an angle. Make sure the rungs line up with each other. Now you can take your short wood pieces and lay them across the rungs.

You can use the shelves to showcase books, plants, or photos.

Window treatments

You can use a reclaimed barn wood ladder to hang window treatments. To do this, grab some metal brackets and attach the ladder over the window. You will want to use fabric that is 2 to 3 times longer than you think you will need. 

Simply thread the fabric through the rungs of the ladder. You can easily poof out the fabric in between the rungs. Then let the extra material gently pool around the floor. You could add metal tie backs on either side of the window for extra rustic charm.

Kitchen organization

Any rustic kitchen should have a reclaimed barn wood ladder organizer. On each rung of the ladder, attach wooden boxes (think reclaimed wood berry boxes, vegetable boxes, etc.). Make sure to graduate how far the boxes extend from the rungs. When you are finished, you want to be able to lean the ladder against a wall at an angle.

Feel free to stack dishes, wine glass, spices, or hand towels in your new organizer.


Barn wood ladders can make for a very distinctive light fixture. This project is worth the time and effort. You will need a metal light fixture, or you can make your own. The end result should be that the light fixture is intertwined with the ladder. For an added touch, place some greenery in and around the wood and metal. Hang the finished project over your dining room table for an epic conversation piece in your new rustic dining room.

Herb garden

If you are short on space on your deck, a barn wood ladder will give you decent vertical space for growing herbs. You can attach boxes to the rungs and drill holes for water drainage.

Now you are ready to plant. Make sure to plant more prominent herbs on the bottom. Basil, cilantro, and lavender are great in deck gardens.

Privacy screens

If you are hoping for a bit more privacy on your deck or porch or maybe to hide trash cans, grab some ladders.

Once you have either attached ladders together or placed them where you would like a cover, you can plant vines. This will take some time, but with patience, you can train the vines to creep up the ladder. 

Once the plants have matured, you will have a beautiful screen to give you more privacy. If the screen is on a deck, consider adding small lights. You can then enjoy a romantic atmosphere at home.

Key Points

Reclaimed barn wood ladders are perfect for adding rustic charm both indoors and out. They are easy to attach together, which expands their possibilities. Do not be afraid to add shelves, lights, or plants for maximum design impact.