Make a unique decoration with the family using the natural materials right outside your door. This is a fun craft for anyone to enjoy, from children to adults, creating a unique rustic craft is sure to inspire joy. The best part of decorating a holiday yule log is that it has no purpose but to be your rustic holiday centerpiece, be as free and as fun as you want!

All you need is a log base, natural accents, and a hot glue gun to make a unique amazing rustic craft.

Your Base

If you have a tree you can take from, the best option is of course a small log from your favorite tree. You can take this from a thick branch and cut about a footlong even piece as your base. Traditionally you would want to keep it as a nice cylinder log, but it will need to rest flat on one side to sit to create and display.

If you can’t cut your base at home there are still plenty of options! Maybe there are local places that sell their own firewood where you can find a small log, or go to a home store that has their wood logs available. Of course, as a last resort, a textured faux log will do for decoration.

Natural Accents

Traditionally yule logs are decorated with holiday berries, mistletoe, and pine branches. They are accented with those popular Christmas colors red and green, but your yule log can have anything you want!

Try looking at the natural plants and twigs that are around your home or garden that can add color to your base. For a traditional rustic look use mute colors, dark greens, and reds that come from falling leaves, and thick bushes will give your yule log amazing texture.

Even dark pine cones can create strong visual texture when layered in between greens.

Other Accents

To top off your log with a box, try plaid ribbon on the ends for an addition of color. Or, instead of adding materials, add a speckle of white to your log to create a snowy look. Adding things that are not natural should be at a minimum to keep your yule log rustic and beautiful.

It’s that easy! Carefully work together to glue the accents on to your log with care and you’ll have a one of a kind decoration you can be proud of. Don’t forget to always be sure to clean and inspect any materials you bring inside!