Home design trends come and go, so it can be hard to know which ones are sticking around and when it is time to update. So how do you know if farmhouse signs and rustic interior design are still a design trend for the New Year? 

Before we dive into the staying power of these design trends, I think it is essential to realize that two distinct ideas are going on. Let us look at each trend individually, see how they complement each other, and then figure out what is staying and what is out for 2020. 

Farmhouse signs

We have all seen farmhouse signs. They are available for purchase just about anywhere. You can find them in distressed wood and rustic colors. To be fair, these signs are cute. You can purchase ones for your laundry room, kitchen, even your front porch. They come with a variety of sayings on them, and some are specific to a season, so you can change them as the year goes by.

The downfall of using these signs is that they can seem dated. In fact, they are pretty reminiscent of old-fashioned homes, instead of an updated rustic home. In this case, farmhouse signs are probably out for 2020.

Rustic Interior Design

Here is where the design trend can blend a bit. Certainly, rustic design trends can be dated. This design relies heavily on natural woods, lighter fabrics, and nature. It is a concept that requires a careful balance or your home will seem too much like “Little House On The Prairie.”

The good news is that rustic design styling can be fresh, modern, and updated for 2020. The key is to know how to update your home’s look successfully. You want to take some of those elements and give them a modern touch. 

Since rustic design uses elements of metal, here is an area that can be updated. In your dining area, change your light fixture for one that is a more modern looking metal one. This will probably be almost minimalist in nature, but perfect for updating a rustic look.

Another upgrade to a rustic design look is to change the type of metal used for accessories. Instead of black wrought iron, switch things up by using copper. You only need to incorporate copper in a few places, and you will create a significant design impact. Changing handles and knobs on cabinets is a good suggestion. Another idea is to use copper picture frames grouped on a coffee table or a wall. 

Layering rugs is another simple way to upgrade the rustic look in your home. Consider layering a smaller rug on top of a bigger one. Then place your chairs and a coffee table around the smaller one to create an intimate atmosphere. Since you can choose different colors of rugs, it is an easy way to update a room without having to repaint it or by installing new flooring. 

Final Verdict

While farmhouse signs are on the way out in 2020, you can update your rustic designed home to give it a fresh look. The rustic look is one that invites a relaxing atmosphere, and that is never out of style.

You should feel free to keep the rustic interior design in your home if that is your preference. To keep the look fresh, consider adding some updates. 

  1. Consider changing black wrought iron pieces to a more modern look by using streamlined and minimalist black piping. 
  2. Switch out cabinet knobs and replace them with copper ones. 
  3. Consider adding more copper accents to a room by using picture frames and grouping them on a table or a wall. 
  4. Instead of layering fabrics on chairs, consider using layers of rugs. You can combine rugs of different textures and sizes to create depth in a room. 
  5. Instead of using a farmhouse ladder for a towel rack or quilt display, consider turning it horizontally and using it for a window treatment. 
  6. Another unexpected use of a farmhouse ladder is to use it as a light fixture. Thread wiring and lights throughout and add some greenery for a soft look. Hang this over your dining room table for maximum impact. 

Remember, the rustic design trend is a concept with staying power. The key is to keep the look fresh and updated, and it will take you well into the New Year. The bottom line is, the best interior design will be the one that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable every time you walk through the front door.