Your home’s rustic kitchen might be the most visited room in your home. When you are designing the heart of your home, it is essential to get all of the design elements right. You pay careful attention to choosing the best stove, refrigerator, and even the right coffee maker, and the kitchen sink deserves the same attention.

Your kitchen sink can be the centerpiece of your rustic kitchen. The key is to choose the one that best fits your design needs. Search online or in any home improvement store, and you will find farmhouse sinks in a wide variety of prices and with different features and options. Here is a guide to help you in selecting the perfect farmhouse sink.

1. Decide if you want your sink to be single or double

You can purchase a farmhouse sink as either a single basin or a double basin. This means you can choose a sink that is divided into two separate sections or one that is one big space.

There are advantages to both designs.

A double bowl allows you to use one side for soaking and rinsing vegetables. You could also have a small wash bin there for dirty dishes. The drawback is that this reduces the amount of space on the other side of the sink. Some people find this makes it tricky to stack dirty dishes or wash pans.

A single bowl is enjoyed by many simply because it affords you a considerable amount of space while cooking and meal prepping.

2. Figure out how you want to mount your sink

When you install your farmhouse sink, there are two ways you can mount it, either with the lip of the sink going over the counter or with it being under the counter.

This is a matter of preference, but you will need to know before installing your rustic sink. Many people prefer the sink to be mounted under the counters because it makes it easier when wiping down the counters. You can clean all the food debris into the sink and then use your garbage disposal or empty the strainer into your garbage can.

3. Size matters

Your new sink needs to fit correctly in the counter space. This means your measurements must be exact. If you are not comfortable doing this by yourself, have a contractor help you out. This is extra critical if you will be modifying or cutting any existing cabinets or counters.

4. You will need to choose a faucet

Most sinks do not come with a faucet, so you will need to choose one to go along with your sink. Before picking out a set, look at the holes in your sink. This will tell you what kind of setup your faucet needs to be. The good news is that many sinks are adaptable to fit almost all types of faucets.

With a farmhouse sink, a pull-down type faucet is great-it allows you to clean all sides of the sink easily and can be useful when washing fruits and vegetables. 

Other Factors to Consider

  • If you choose a single bowl style sink, you can also purchase a removable divider. This is an excellent option since it gives you greater flexibility when using your sink. This piece is inserted when you want or need to divide your sink and pulled out when you are finished.
  • The front of the sink is called the apron. Since this piece is exposed, it can become an integral part of your kitchen’s aesthetic. Sinks are available with either design on the apron or a plain apron. The choice is up to you and your budget.
  • Farmhouse sinks are generally made from a material called fireclay. Fireclay is a type of porcelain that is heavy-duty. Also, farmhouse sinks can be found in other materials such as stainless steel or stone.
  • You may need to adjust the pipes that are already present in your kitchen to accommodate a farmhouse sink.  Again, be sure to measure and check requirements before beginning the installation process. If you are not sure, your local plumber or contractor can help.

Final Points

A farmhouse sink can anchor your rustic kitchen design and be the centerpiece of your space. These sinks are beautiful and unique. Since the sinks are available in a wide range of prices, you should be able to find one that fits your budget.

Be sure to measure all spaces first and get help from a contractor if you are not sure.

Once your new sink is in place, you will be happy to have friends and family surround you while serving meals and eating together.