Once you have all the design elements installed in your home, you want to tie it all together with the use of rugs. Rugs are a very effective way to ensure design continuity throughout your house.

The key is to pick the right rug for your design style. There are a few tips you should keep in mind when selecting a farmhouse rug. There are also a few tips to consider when placing the carpet to have an impact.

Let’s take a look at some key factors to consider when purchasing a farmhouse area rug.

Consider material

A farmhouse rug should be in a neutral color. The material can be worn or appear to be worn. It is optimal to choose a rug made out of a natural fiber such as sisal or seagrass.

Seagrass is harvested after being grown underground in Asia. This material is eco-friendly since it is easy to collect and will grow back very quickly. This material is an excellent choice for a home because it is stain and water-resistant. Seagrass cannot be dyed, so the result is a unique and natural fiber that is woven into a durable rug.

Sisal rugs are made from fibers that come from a type of agave plant. These fibers are incredibly durable. Not only a good choice for those with allergies, but sisal is also biodegradable, making it another eco-friendly option.

These fibers are natural in color, meaning shades of tan, beige and off-white. This material makes it an excellent choice for a farmhouse-style home. Sisal is easy to care for; you simply need to vacuum it.

Braided Rugs

Depending on the colors in your home, you may opt for a braided rug. These rugs are traditionally associated with a rustic design style. They are distinctive in their braided, country colors. You can find these rugs in just about any size and shape. They are available as stair treads, runners and for indoor and outdoor use.

Placement of rugs in your home

Just as important as selecting a durable, natural fiber rug, is the placement of the rug. Rugs can add warmth, character, dimension, and balance to a room. It is the piece that will tie it all together.

There are a few general rules to follow when placing your rug, although rules can be broken. Depending on the room, here are some suggestions.

Living room area

If you are using a smaller rug, place your furniture around the carpet. The idea is to use your furniture as a frame for the rug. The subtle effect of this placement is that your seating becomes more intimate.

For a medium-sized rug, an excellent placement involves leaving just the front legs of the chairs or sofas on the rug. A coffee table would be placed in the center of the carpet.

A room-sized rug should be placed so that it allows an equal amount of flooring on all four sides. Then the furniture can be grouped in one central section off to the side.

Dining room

When choosing a rug for a dining room, the key is to pick a rug that allows for all four chair legs to be comfortable on the carpet. This allows for the chair to remain steady. You will choose a rug that is proportionate to your table size. A table with four chairs will do nicely on a smaller rectangle sized rug or a circular one. A table that comes with seating for six or more should be placed on a larger, rectangle-shaped carpet.


When choosing a rug for your bedroom, you should keep it in proportion to your bed. You will want to place the carpet underneath the bottom half of the bed. This allows you to have a warm place to put your feet when you wake up in the morning. The bigger your bed, the larger the rug. In all cases, the carpet should be placed horizontally in relation to the bed.

Outdoor spaces

You can use rugs in your outdoor living areas as well. You can use a rug on your deck or porch as a way to make outdoor seating more intimate, as well as a beautiful place to kick off your shoes and relax.

Helpful Tips

The rustic farmhouse style is one of relaxation and comfort. Adding a natural fiber or braided rug will enhance any room in your house. Feel free to layer rugs as well. The above guidelines are suggestions, and you should feel free to arrange your rugs in a way that makes you happy.