It does not matter how big or small your living space is or whether you rent or own. We all have something we love to collect. Often, we start our collection because of a positive experience surrounding the item. Your collection may also hold great sentimental value. Whatever the reason, your collection deserves to be displayed and enjoyed.

Thankfully, rustic style design has many elements to it that make it easy to display your collection. Once you have finished decorating your living space, it’s time to go back and figure out the best place to showcase your collection.

Here are some ideas and tips to get you started.


Some people have a collection of photographs. Pictures of family members going back generations, as well as current family, are immensely sentimental. Once you have gathered all the photos, you can begin.

Group your photos in piles, keeping pictures you want to display together. Rustic design style makes use of metal. To showcase your photographs on a table or mantel, you should use frames in black or copper. Make sure to use frames and mats of varying sizes to keep it interesting.

Other ways to display pictures.

You can place the pictures in distressed wooden frames. Then you can hang them in a group on a wall. You can also attach a reclaimed barn wood ladder horizontally and use ribbons to hang your photos.

Reclaimed Barnwood Ladders

A fabulous way to showcase many collectibles is with a barnwood ladder. These ladders can be used in many ways and offer you tons of options.

To display quilts or blankets, simply lean a ladder against the wall and arrange your quilts on the rungs.

Grab a set of wooden trays. Begin attaching them to the ladder, keeping the lowest one off-center. Add additional trays and adjust how far they stick out as you go up the ladder. Now lean the ladder against the wall, and you have a great space to show your collection.

If you have two reclaimed barnwood ladders, join them together at a right angle. Now you have a shelf unit. The possibilities are endless for displaying on a shelf.

Wooden boxes

Distressed wooden boxes complement the rustic style quite nicely and have many uses. Grab a few, and you can create endless display options.

Stack several on top of each other, making sure to nail them together. Now you have a great storage tower. You can use this for taller items or perhaps just one or two exceptional items you want to highlight.

Another option is to lay the boxes the long way so that you create a table or mantle effect. What this does is give you an extended area to arrange your collectibles into a vignette.

Mason jars

Nothing says rustic style like a mason jar. Fortunately, mason jars come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. These jars go very nicely along a rustic windowsill, tabletop or mantle. If you have a collection of smaller items -grandma’s button collection or shells from your beach trip-mason jars are perfect. And because they are clear jars, the colors of the objects they hold to add a nice feel to the room.

Wooden vegetable crates

Old-fashioned wooden vegetable crates are ideal for displaying certain collectibles. These wooden crates can be used individually. In this case, you could place the container on a side table or a stand.

You also have the option of placing several of these crates on a stand. In this case, the crates are tilted slightly forward so that the contents are easily seen.

Wooden planting boxes

These boxes are ideal for showcasing your collectibles on tabletops. These boxes are usually narrow so that they can double as part of your tablescape. If you have a coffee table, group a few smaller boxes together, or use a larger one.

Hanging Baskets

No rustic home would be complete without hanging baskets. Not only are these baskets decorative by themselves, but they are also perfect for displaying your collectibles. The advantage of using baskets is that they can be hung from a wall. This clears up floor and table space, while still giving you viable showcase space.

Points To Remember

Rustic style design relies on using reclaimed and re-purposed objects. When looking for ways to showcase your prized possessions, think outside the box. Many objects can have a dual purpose. Displaying your collection is a great way to enhance your home’s design style further.