When designing your rustic style kitchen or living room, you want to be sure to select the best cabinets.  There are several pointers to remember when choosing your cabinets, however. It is helpful to recognize what rustic-style entails.

Rustic style design relies on using repurposed or reclaimed wood. It also uses elements of nature in the color choices that are found in these rooms. If you keep these tips in mind, you will be able to find or create rustic style cabinets that interact beautifully with your kitchen or living room.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets need to be practical as well as decorative. Let’s take a look at some ways you can use repurposed wood or rustic style cabinets in your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets

Reclaimed or repurposed wood

The first tip when designing kitchen cabinets is to try to use wood that has been repurposed or reclaimed.

Reclaimed wood already has a beautiful patina or sheen to it that evokes rustic style. If you do not have cabinets that are reclaimed, that’s okay. If you cannot find cabinets to purchase that already appeared distressed, you can do that yourself using an effortless technique. Your local hardware store or home improvement store typically will have kits for sale that will allow you to distress the wood yourself.

Consider glass

Another nice feature for your kitchen cabinets is the use of glass. If it’s possible, remove the paneling insert from the doors on the cabinets.  Once the inserts are removed, replace it with glass. A beautiful beveled glass door front is perfect for your rustic style kitchen.

 Glass-front cabinets allow plenty of light, as well as being the perfect place to showcase some of your favorite pieces. This is a great way to display your favorite teacups, wine glasses, or unique vases.

Living Room Cabinets

 When it comes to living room cabinets, some of the principles will also apply.  But in the living room, you may want to have a more formal tone. Let’s take a look at how to use rustic style cabinets in your living room.

Create an accent wall

 A unique way to use rustic style cabinets in your living room is to create an accent wall with them.

 To achieve this, be sure to use repurposed or reclaimed wood cabinets and fit them together so that they fill a whole wall, floor to ceiling.  This dramatic look can be further emphasized with the removal of a few cabinet doors.  This creates display shelves. On these shelves, place a small library lamp, stacks of books, or family pictures.

Create furniture

 An exciting way to use rustic barn style cabinets in your living room is to use them to create pieces of furniture.

 By combining cabinets placed horizontally, you can create a coffee table by placing a piece of wood on top. Stain the wood to match the rest of the cabinets on the bottom. Now you have a clever place to put books, dog toys, or extra throw blankets – perfect for chilly nights spent reading.

 You can also take a single cabinet and add a round glass top to create a small end table.  This makes a nice addition to a cozy seating arrangement in your living room.

Where to find rustic barn style cabinets

When looking to add cabinets to your rustic style kitchen or living room, you have several options of where to purchase them.

Home Improvement Stores

You can certainly find wood cabinets in a variety of finishes at your local home improvement store. Often you can find cabinets that are already “rustic style.” If not, you can purchase a distressing kit and DIY.

Flea Markets

This can be a great place to find rustic cabinets. You will be able to find unique repurposed cabinets that you can further customize to your needs when you get home.

Salvage Yards

For an authentic DIY experience, consider purchasing reclaimed barn wood and creating your own cabinets. You only need some basic tools and measurements of your space.

Other cabinet tips

Rustic kitchen cabinets
  • Instead of glass door inserts, consider adding a fabric one. This is easy to make and can be switched out whenever you want to change the colors up.
  • Try to use unique metal hardware. This will further customize your cabinets.
  • Do not worry about matching all the wood. Rustic style design is perfectly fine with mismatched pieces of reclaimed wood.

Final Thoughts

Rustic style cabinets are very versatile. With the addition of glass, they become a bit more formal. Add in some gingham door fronts for a more relaxed look.

The beautiful thing about rustic style cabinets is that you can personalize them for any room. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try a little DIY-your kitchen, and the living room will look amazing.