Of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom deserves the most rustic love. This is the room that needs to be your refuge, your personal space to be yourself and relax. Designing your bedroom with careful thought will help you create the best area for yourself.

Rustic design style creates the perfect atmosphere for a bedroom retreat. This style makes use of nature, natural colors, lighting, and reclaimed and repurposed objects. Once you combine all of these concepts, you will have the room of your dreams. Let’s take a look at how to achieve this peaceful and dreamy retreat.

Getting Started

Figure out your color palette

Before starting, you need to know what colors you will be building your room around. Consider the furniture you already have and will be using. If your bed and dresser are already wood, then consider painting the walls a subtle creamy ivory. The combination of distressed wood and off-white is perfect for the rustic style.

Paint your walls and trim. Some other color options include navy, yellows, and greens.

Put down some rugs

After you have finished painting, it is time to think about adding some rugs. You do not need wall-to-wall carpeting, but a rug under the feet when you first wake up is a nice touch. Choose a carpet in a complementary shade. To create a rustic vibe, consider picking a natural fiber rug, or a braided rug. For a cozier feel, you can layer rugs in different textures.

Arrange your furniture

Once you have put the rugs down, it is time to add back your furniture. Make sure that your bed is placed correctly on the rug. Place a nightstand on either side of your bed. If you do not have a nightstand, they are an easy DIY project. You can use some distressed wooden boxes and stack them for an instant bedside table. If you do stack a few, make sure to nail them together so that they do not topple over.

Don’t forget window treatments

Windows frame the room, so proper hardware and treatments are crucial. You can use black metal rods to hang your curtains. Copper is another metal choice that goes well with rustic style.

Choose curtains that are light and airy. You can also layer a few different textures and colors for added depth in your room. It is also fine to let excess breezy material pool on the floor.

Pick some lighting

In a rustic retreat, gorgeous lighting is vital. Hang a statement light fixture from the ceiling to make a statement. You could use a reclaimed barn wood ladder and transform it into a chandelier.

You can also group lamps of varying heights in your room. This helps create dimension.

Don’t Forget To Add Extra Touches.

Once you have the basics in place, it is time to add extras to personalize your bedroom. There are a variety of perfect decorative pieces.


Plants are perfect for rustic design style. They also have the added benefit of cleaning the air. Choose a variety of plants that use different shades of green and are differing heights. Place them strategically around the room.


Hang pictures to give the space a unique touch. You can choose black frames or copper. Arrange them in groups on the walls or the dresser.

For an extra special touch, grab some distressed wooden frames. You can use ribbons to hang these picture frames on the wall or a mounted piece of reclaimed wood.

Bed Linens

Linens and pillows are the perfect way to tie the room together. It is a great idea to layer several quilts and blankets on top of your bed. Make sure that they are in the same color family.

Next, add a bunch of pillows. Your bed will be complete once you have added a row or two of throw pillows.

Showcase that special quilt

If you are fortunate enough t have an heirloom or special quilt, make sure to display it in your bedroom proudly. Use a reclaimed barn wood ladder. Lean the ladder against the wall and drape the quilt over the rungs.

Final Tips

Your rustic bedroom is a retreat for your body and soul. The key is to use colors that soothe and relax you. Then you want to fill it with meaningful pieces. Make sure that you fill your room with light, softness, and multiple layers for the best effect.

At the end of the day, you should be looking forward to going home.