Bring more of the outside in by creating a natural look in your home with a rustic Christmas tree. There are plenty of options when creating a natural look for your tree, rustic design allows you to explore the imperfections and odd colors the world has to offer. Think about the different elements of your tree and what kind of rustic texture you want to add to your Christmas tree.


Natural ornaments are always the way to go to create a rustic tree, you don’t have to leave the branches naked to be rustic! Pinecones are the mason jar of rustic holiday decorating. You can use metallic spray paint to create textures and snow on your pinecones to place right in the tree.

Other wooden ornaments that are wooden discs with painted designs are also a nice touch, these offer a natural element while still adding a bit of wonder when decorated with offset colors or unique designs.


Rustic Christmas Lighting

For a rustic Christmas tree, you will want to keep those tangled lights in the box and look for more monochrome light schemes. White or yellow soft glow lights are best when highlighting the natural beauty of your tree. Use lighting sparingly in your tree to complete your natural winter look. Some rustic trees have no lights at all, only relying on the natural light around them.


A rustic solution to the shiny garland you might turn to, thick canvas or burlap ribbon will add that woodsy winter color and texture to your bursting tree. Using ribbon to wrap up your tree instead of garland should still be used sparingly, you still want to see the branches. Ribbon with gold or silver trim will add a gentle pop that won’t clash with your rustic look but will also add that spark of winter joy.

The Topper

Rustic Tree Topper

The oh most important part for most, the tree topper can make or break your design. While being set on keeping your family angel or star on the top is certainly not a bad thing, for those ready for something different there are plenty of rustic options.

Using your burlap or canvas ribbon, or perhaps just a different shade to create a bow as a topper will cascade down the tree and wrap it like a gift!

A thin wooden star, either finished and designed or just a cut wood star, is another great rustic topper.

If you still want a shining star to consider one that is either a soft white/silver or yellow/gold to keep your tree rustic and natural-looking.