One of the hottest trends for women is a She Shed. Simply put, a she shed is a backyard retreat intended for women. It provides a place for her to go and relax, enjoy her hobbies, or to spend time with her girlfriends. It’s an escape from every day and the responsibilities that go with it.

She sheds are found in the backyard. The beauty of a she shed is that they can be any size or style design. This is your personal space, and there is no right or wrong.

Points to consider when building a she shed.

You can undoubtedly find a prefabricated she shed, and in a rustic style design too. However, if you have the capability, building your own she shed might be more in keeping with the rustic theme.

1. Look for reclaimed wood

Once you have the dimensions of your intended shed, look for reclaimed wood. Using reclaimed barn wood is a great way to keep it rustic. You can find this wood at yard sales, online, recycling centers, and second-hand housewares stores.

Make sure the wood is solid and not rotted. This is important for the integrity of the structure. If the wood has not been treated, consider giving it a coat. Depending on your geographical location, this step could be crucial.

2. Find used windows

Next, try and find second-hand windows. This is also in keeping in line with the rustic design style. You might try lumber yards, construction sites, and second-hand houseware stores to find some windows.

3. Try and use corrugated metal roofing

The finishing touch to your shed construction is the roof. A subtle nod to rustic design is the use of metal roofing.

Once your shed is constructed, you are ready for the fun part-designing the interior! There are a few things to keep in mind as you plan your interior, especially if you want to stick to rustic design style.

Interior Styling Tips

1. Start with the floors

Begin by making sure you have wood, or wood laminate, flooring. Laminate is an excellent option because it is easy to install and is available in many colors, designs, and price points.

Once you have your flooring in place, it is time to consider rugs. To keep with the rustic design style, try to use natural fiber rugs. You also want to use rugs that are reflective of the colors of nature. Some good choices are vivid blues, yellows, greens, and reds.

Make sure that you use rugs that are in different shapes. Mixing and matching your rugs and layering them will add depth and warmth to your she shed.

2. Window treatments are key

Be sure to pick rustic-style window treatments that are light and airy. Rustic design style makes use of nature, so you want to be sure to let in plenty of natural light. Again, mix and match the fabrics to add charm. You can use metal curtain rods to hang sheers and let them pool on the floor.

3. Add furniture

Think about what you plan to do in your she shed and add the appropriate furniture. For reading, a charming love seat piled with blankets and pillows is perfect. If you are doing craftwork, a lovely table and work station are ideal. A mini-fridge to hold beverages and a hot plate to warm a cup of tea is the ultimate touch.

4. Plants, please

A vital component of rustic design style is nature. The easiest way to incorporate nature in your she shed is to add plants. Plants not only add a finishing touch, but they also help keep the air clean. Use planters of varying heights and plants in different shades of green for a significant impact.

5. Don’t forget the entrance

And finally, do not forget the entrance to your retreat. If you have space, a wooden rocking chair is a nice touch. At the very least, make sure to have potted plants and a welcome mat. For additional rustic flair, hang outdoor wall sconces in copper on either side of the door. You can also use solar path lighting so you can find your shed anytime.

Final Thoughts

Your own personal she shed is an investment in your happiness. It is the perfect space to take a step back and relax.

Rustic design style lends itself naturally to she shed styling. Make sure to use colors and fabrics that make you feel good. Remember, this is your space, and you want to say “aah” every time you step inside.