One of life’s greatest pleasures is to prepare and serve a delicious meal to good friends and family. The rustic design style is the perfect way to make everyone feel relaxed and comfortable.

Keeping a few simple pointers in mind, you can create the ultimate table setting. The key to a successful dinner party is the right mix of food, friends, and decor. Let’s take a closer look at some pointers when creating the perfect table for your next dinner party.

Start With Table Linens

Rustic table cloth

Consider your dinner table to be a blank slate. In keeping with rustic design style, you should choose table linens that reflect elements of nature. You can also layer table lines for added depth.

Jute is a natural fabric that incorporates well with rustic design and layers with other materials. For example, you could use a buffalo plaid table runner and use individual jute placemats. Using placemats helps to define different seating spaces.

Another option is to use a neutral-colored table cloth. Then add table runner in a contrasting color. Next, you can use complementary placemats, and for the final touch, add a nicely folded napkin on top of the plates.

It is perfectly acceptable to use plaids and stripes, as long as they are in the same color family.

Centerpieces anchor the look.

Rustic Centerpiece

The centerpiece you choose for your dinner table will set the tone. For a rustic style dinner party, do not be afraid to use well-worn vases or baskets.

A lovely idea is to use vases of varying heights filled with wildflowers. Then place the vases down the center of your table. If you prefer, sunflowers work well too. If you can find a string of battery-operated firefly lights, grab it. Wind this string of lights in and around the vases for a romantic touch.

Another excellent centerpiece idea is to use black metal lanterns. Add a raffia bow to the tops of them and place them in groups down the table. For an added touch, consider using small votive candles inside and around the outside of the lanterns.

Baskets are the perfect choice for making rustic style centerpieces. You can fill the baskets with seasonal items- pinecones and cinnamon, apples, lavender, or sunflowers. The baskets can be set down the center of the table, or you can use one big one in the middle.

Plates and Silverware

When incorporating a rustic style vibe, feel free to use mismatched china and flatware. A dinner party is a perfect opportunity to use heirloom china, as well as flea market finds. Look for dishes in creamy toile patterns and tiny floral prints. You can layer the dinner plate, salad plate, and soup bowl to create a charming rustic tablescape.

Flatware can also be a mix of sentimental pieces and newer purchases.

Don’t forget the little details.

When setting your table, do not forget the little details. There are countless small ways to create a significant design impact.

Wine bottles

Cleaned and empty wine bottles are great for decorating your table. You can use them as candle holders and group them around the table or straight down the middle. You could also soak off the labels, then use glass markers to make place cards.

Glass bottles

Clear bottles are perfect for flower arrangements. You can add colored stones to the bottom to add contrast and depth. Make sure to use a variety of shapes and sizes. You can group square and round, short, and tall vases and scatter them throughout the table.

Personalized seat cushions

If you are handy with a needle and thread and have an embroidery machine, personalized seat cushions will take your dinner party game to the next level. Instead of a traditional place card, use your skills to create a personalized seat cushion for each guest.


Rustic Twine on Silverware

Twine has multiple uses in a rustic design dinner party. You can use it to tie up napkins and silverware artfully. You can also use it when putting flower arrangements together. It can be used to tie firefly lights to baskets and lanterns. You could even make name cards and tie them around wine stems.

Final Tips

Dinner parties are the perfect chance to reconnect with friends and family. The key to a great dinner party involves creating an effortless style that makes everyone relaxed. Rustic style design creates that very atmosphere.

Use linen and tableware that are special to you. And do not be afraid to mix and match old and new, stripes and plaids, and use layers and textures. When you combine pieces you love with the people you care about; you have the recipe for a perfect evening.