If you have a smaller kitchen, you may think you are limited when it comes to design style. Not true! Even the tiniest kitchen can be beautifully decorated. The key, in this case, is to use pieces that create a significant impact and could also have dual functions. 

Let’s take a look at some ideas for your tin kitchen that will give you big style.


One of your kitchen’s most prominent space will be the floor. This is an opportunity to cement your rustic style. Changing your flooring is easy to do. Choose a laminate flooring in wood tones. There are many styles to choose from, and they are easily put together.

Since this is the kitchen, make sure to pick flooring that can take abuse — you want the floor to look nice for a long time.


While you do not want your floor to be covered entirely with carpeting since it is a kitchen, a few strategically placed rugs will be a nice touch. When choosing a rug for your kitchen, pick one that is made from natural fibers. You can also select a braided rug that is made with rich, vibrant colors.

If there is an entrance door in your kitchen, you should add a rug in that spot.

Another excellent spot to put a rug is in front of the kitchen sink. There are rugs made specifically for this spot and are designed to help prevent leg fatigue when standing.

When choosing your rug, try to get one that you can wash if needed.


Your lighting is another way you can incorporate a big design style into your smaller kitchen.

Since space will be at a premium, you need to be selective in the materials you use. To keep counters and floors clear of extra items, you should consider hanging a light fixture from the ceiling.

A great way to follow rustic design would be to use a fixture made out of metal. Black wrought iron is often the first thought when considering rustic style. Once you have chosen a light, hang it overhead in the middle of the room.

Another option is to choose a light constructed with copper. Copper is an excellent way to incorporate the metal aspect of rustic design while giving it an updated and refreshed feel.

If you are handy, grab some wiring and a reclaimed barn wood ladder. The idea is to turn the ladder horizontally and fit it with electrical wiring for light bulbs. Once you have done this, suspend the ladder from the ceiling for an interesting fixture. Be sure to use lampshades that are in rustic colors.


In a smaller kitchen, you want your furniture to be functional as well as decorative. It would help if you used a farmhouse style table, in an appropriate length for the room. Then add a bench for seating. The bench should be one that opens for storage. You can keep extra pots and pans or seasonal items in this space. When the bench is closed, have a few throw pillows on top. This adds to the warmth and charm of the table area.

Dishes and table linens

The finishing touch in your rustic styled kitchen is the table setting. Here is another area that will make a big design splash.

Start by choosing table linens. Make sure that you choose them in rustic colors that complement windows, rugs, and flooring. You should feel free to mix and match stripes, plaids, and toile. Layering table runners with placemats will create visual depth. The beautiful thing about table linens is that they are an easy way to update your look any time you get the urge.

Your dishes are another way to add rustic style. The dishes you use daily can be mismatched patterns but in the same color family. You will be creating a homey atmosphere every time you sit down to eat.

Also, try to pick up a few extra pieces that you can display on the table. A salt cellar and a matching pottery vase will complement your decor nicely. You could also line the center of your table with small herb pots. You might also consider small bunches of fresh flowers in glass bowls on a Lazy Susan.

Final Tips

When decorating a smaller space in your home, consider where you can make the most significant impact. This means deliberately choosing certain areas or items to highlight. 

If you have a smaller kitchen, find where you can make the most prominent design impact. Floors and rugs are one area that can have a big impact. Lighting is another area that can allow you to make a splash.

And when decorating a smaller space, do not be afraid to mix and match textures and patterns in the same color family to get that perfect rustic feel. This helps to create depth and warmth and personalizes your space.