A gallery wall is an excellent solution for empty wall space. It can showcase favorite photos, add color, and give some personality to a blank space. The key is to know how to create a gallery wall in your rustic designed home.

Luckily, the rustic design style lends itself nicely to gallery walls. With just a few pointers and items, you can create an effortlessly personal and impressive photo collection in just about any room in your living space. Gallery walls are appropriate for small homes as well as larger ones.

Generally speaking, there are two distinct ways to style a gallery wall. The first is linear. In this style, pictures are arranged in a straight line. The second way is the salon style. Here images will be grouped together. A linear gallery might work better for a hallway, and a linear style gallery might be a nice touch over a headboard in the bedroom.

Choose your pictures

Before purchasing frames and mats, pull out the pictures you intend to use. This will give you a sense of what colors will work and how you might want to group them.

In keeping with rustic design, you can mix and match pictures. They do not necessarily all have to be people and places you know and have visited. It can be helpful to add in some images found online or at flea markets and garage sales.

Pick your frames

Now you are ready to purchase some rustic frames. Keep in mind that you should buy frames in a variety of heights and sizes. Since this will be rustic style, consider using frames that are purchased at a garage sale-this will allow you to repurpose frames that will also have a distressed look.

The mats in the frames should complement the photos. Mats are easy to change and can be found at craft stores.

Hooks and ribbons

It is a good idea to have hooks and ribbons for hanging the pictures up on the wall.

Arrange your pictures

Before actually hammering any nails, you should practice arranging the pictures first. Standing in front of the wall, lay out all the photos on the floor. This gives you a great idea of how they will look and allows you the chance to rearrange them.

This is the time to make sure you like the arrangement of pictures, as well as the frames, mats, and colors.

Hang your gallery wall

Now you can hang your pictures on the wall!

Tips for a rustic style gallery wall

  • Barnwood ladder-makes an excellent space for hanging pictures in a linear arrangement. Mount the ladder horizontally (or vertically) on the wall. Then you can use a pretty ribbon to hang the picture frames in each space created by the ladder rungs.
  • Garage sales -are a great place to find picture frames. Keep an eye out for exciting colors and textures. Remember, you do not need to use the picture that might be there. You can remove the picture and have a unique frame.
  • Measure-the saying goes,” measure twice, cut once.” The same applies to hang your gallery wall. Make sure to use a tape measure before using a hammer. This allows you to check your spacing.

Other ideas to style your gallery wall

Create a Grid

If you have a smaller space, create a grid using your pictures. To do this, place the frames in an arrangement of six, nine, or twelve. In this style, all the frames must be the same size.

Use a Ledge

If you are hesitant to nail hooks into your wall, then a ledge is a friendly alternative. Once your pictures are in frames, place them on the ledge and let them lay against the wall. This system works well with three to five pictures. The advantage of using a ledge is that you can easily switch your photographs.

The ideal number of pictures for a gallery wall

An ideal number of framed photos for your wall is five to ten. The amount is dependant on how much space you have to use. You can also create a floor to ceiling gallery if you are looking to make a statement.

Final Thoughts

A gallery wall can be a unique way to showcase photos and pictures that are significant to you. To keep with a rustic design style, keep an eye out for distress or repurposed frames. The frames could be in black metal or copper.

Pictures are a wonderful way to tell your personal story. A gallery wall is the perfect storybook.