Rustic Living Room Ideas: Round-Up

If you plan on having a rustic living room, then you must be looking to create a place that is inviting and relaxing. To create the perfect atmosphere, there are specific ideas to try and incorporate.

A rustic living room will try to make the most of nature. This includes the colors and textures that are found in nature as well. Before starting your redesign, or update, take a good look at your room. Take note of any exciting architectural features that might already be there. Also, look at any windows and notice what is outside of them.

Now, you are ready to begin.

Accent Wall

A good starting point in your living room is an accent wall. If you have a fireplace, this is a perfect place to begin.

The mantel of your fireplace can easily be made over with reclaimed barn wood. This DIY project involves a few tools and a couple of hours. It is an easy update that will have a significant impact. Another fireplace option is to add brick or stone around it, if it doesn’t already have one. The combination of wood and brick is perfect for your rustic style living room.

Stick to a neutral color palette

When designing a rustic style living room, it is a smart idea to keep a neutral color palette. This means sticking to colors that are found in nature-beige, cream, and brown tones work best.

While you can certainly still use a pop of color, neutral colors should be the priority. It can be helpful to think of more than just paint color. If you already have cream-colored walls, then consider adding a tan leather couch. You could reupholster chairs in a brown houndstooth colored fabric.

Add in some nature

Since rustic style relies on elements of nature, it makes good sense to incorporate plants into your design scheme.

The living room is an excellent place to add potted plants. Grouped together, plants can add dimension and color to your room, as well as a colorful, rustic ambiance. To make a statement, gather together plants that are in various shades of green, different textures, and different heights. Be sure to place some plants on tall stands, as well as on the floor. Potted plants look great on a window sill too.

If you do not have a green thumb, no problem. Artificial plants are incredibly life-like and will do the job. Another way to add in some green is to pick fabrics with leaf motifs. Scatter pillows with leaf designs on them across couches and chairs for some instant nature.

Upgrade your lighting

Rustic design style does make use of metal, but that doesn’t mean your fixtures should look dated. To refresh and keep current, consider upgrading your light fixtures. Instead of using black wrought iron metal lamps, choose ones that are made from updated steel. This will give your room a minimalist feel, while still maintaining a rustic vibe.

Rugs can serve a dual purpose

Adding a rug to your rustic living room can serve many purposes. At its most basic, a carpet will provide warmth and comfort for your feet. However, in a rustic living room, a rug has the power to add a splash of color to a neutral palette.

A beautiful natural fiber rug in a vibrant color will go a long way towards up-leveling your living room. For an even more significant impact, layer a smaller rug on top in a coordinating color.

Once you have your carpets selected, think about grouping your coffee table and chairs around it. Place your coffee table in the middle of the smaller rug. Then place your sofa and chairs around the perimeter. This gives you an intimate seating arrangement to converse with your guests.

More helpful decorating tips

  • In addition to brick, stone is another element that lends itself to rustic design style. You can use stones in a fireplace surround or as an accent wall.
  • You can replace metal with copper. Think about adding burnished copper candlesticks on coffee and end tables. Make sure to use varying heights for visual interest. Copper picture frames also add an upgraded touch.
  • Do not be afraid to use lots of textures. In a rustic living room, layers of textures will add warmth, charm, and dimension. You can find texture in exposed wood ceiling beams, brick or stone fireplace, and accent wall, upholstery, and layered rugs.

Final Thoughts

A rustic styled living room is one that is both upscale and inviting. And thanks to its more relaxed vibe, you have plenty of room to play around and find what speaks to you.