We love rustic design, but now the holidays are approaching and the Christmas decorations are starting to take over. Most of the time we think of warm colors and textures in our rustic design, how can we mix these into our winter wonderland?

Rustic design is all about bringing the natural elements inside, to bring comfort while also creating an inviting space. Try these easy designing tips to transform your home into a rustic winter wonderland that your guests will never want to leave.

Snowy Tree Branches

You can find faux snow in any home improvement or art store any time of year. This is a great material for bringing the winter inside safely. Always use high chemical materials in a safe place like a garage or outside so as to not spray your entire wall with faux snow.

Fall and winter storms often break off large branches from trees, find an interesting twig or log to accent your home with the cold. Before bringing it in spray it with a touch of snow to keep the texture and feeling in the home for the holiday. Place these branches with your plants or Christmas tree to make them blend in with ease.

Textured Garland

Use textured garland around the house to create a gorgeous rustic landscape throughout your home. There are strands of natural-looking garland adorned with berries that make a perfect winter accent. Garland doesn’t just go on the tree, bring texture to your home by lining bookshelves, high ledges, and even windowsills with rustic garland.

Alternatively to natural-looking garland that either has berries or just looks like flowing greenery, dark gold, and white garland have a similar effect. When layered properly your tinsel garland gives a look of wood covered in snow.

Yule Logs

Depending on your number of dining tables you may want to keep the amount of yule logs to a minimum, however, they still offer a great touch when creating your own winter wonderland in your home. They are often booming with natural elements that bring not only a strong visual but also a smell that will transport you to the wintery woods.

Commonly set as a centerpiece, yule logs should be on display. If not on a dining table, on a mantle, or in a fireplace when there are no embers make perfect homes for a holiday yule.


Traditional plaid is the perfect pair of rustic and Christmas. Be careful not to overload the senses with the popular pattern, but use it as more of an accent to your decorations to tie in a working man’s flannel and the joy of the holidays.