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Rustic Holiday

Tips on rustic design, crafts and DIY projects for the Holidays.

Bring more of the outside in by creating a natural look in your home with a rustic Christmas tree. There are plenty of options when creating a natural look for your tree, rustic design allows you to...
Let their imagination flow while the classes are turned off, rustic natural crafts that let your child and family create together. You can make these crafts as fun decorations for your home, or even give them as unique gifts to your loved ones (or teachers!). Pine Cone Crafts The possibilities of creation when you hand a child a pine cone are endless, anything from googly eyes to a dash of paint can transform the natural material into an amazing decoration. Silver, gold, and even green sprays or paints are perfect for creating a polished craft with your child. Under supervision, give your child the freedom to pick how to paint the pine cone with your given colors. Try flicking the paint from the brush to create a unique texture that is fun to make.