Without a doubt, rustic design has its fans. But even the most devoted know that it is a design style that can look dated. The trick is to keep the look fresh.

Rustic design relies on the use of nature. Wood and natural light are prominent elements. Light and airy colors are usually used along with metal components.

To keep your rustic design looking refreshed, here are some 2020 rustic home trends we love.


Spring 2020 is giving ceilings some much-needed respect. Typically, ceilings are simply painted sheet rock. This Spring, look for ceilings with much more interest.

An excellent way to update your rustic home design is by adding wood features to the ceiling. You can add shiplap or exposed beams to your ceiling in order to create a significant impact. If you are not sure how to do this, consult with a local builder.


Another easy trend for this Spring is to move beyond layering blankets and throws and to layer rugs.

Rustic design style enjoys a variety of textures and colors. This Spring, these elements are found by layering rugs. Feel free to take a smaller area rug and use it on top of a larger rug. One carpet can be a braided rug with a solid colored rug to compliment it. You can use two different shaped rugs as well. You can place a square-shaped rug on an angle on top of a round rug. The combinations are limitless.

Upgrade the metal

Your home may already feature touches of metal, which is a component of rustic design style. Typically, metal is featured in smaller accessories such as lamp bases and candlestick holders.

For Spring 2020, we see chandeliers getting a major upgrade. Look for light fixtures that are made from industrial-looking metal for that rustic modern or rustic industrial look. This is a great way to upgrade your rustic design into 2020. Replace the light fixture over the dining room table to make a statement.

Copper is the new black metal

If you want to really upgrade your rustic home look, considering using accents and accessories in copper.

Copper is an excellent complement to creamy, off white walls. It is also easy to incorporate copper into almost any room in your home. You can easily swap out hardware in cabinets for copper knobs. It is essential to realize that you do not need a lot of copper; just a few pieces are sufficient. Consider adding a few candle holders in copper or even a series of photos in copper frames.

Don’t forget the walls

Spring 2020 has us thinking outside the box when it comes to walls. This is an often-overlooked design area, and we have a couple of ideas that will tie in nicely to a rustic style home.

Baskets are a nice style feature in a rustic-themed home. This Spring, consider hanging a set of baskets on a wall for maximum impact. You can group a bunch of baskets in different sizes and textures and have an accent wall that is reflective of the rustic style.

You could also hang a rug on the wall. Rugs make an excellent art piece. Be sure to choose a one that is made from natural fibers, and your wall will be a standout rustic wall.

Kitchen updates

The kitchen is a great place to update your rustic look. Assuming that your kitchen is already rustic in design, what about adding a wooden stove hood? Stove hoods are available in a wide range of wood designs. The addition of a new wooden hood can take your kitchen up a notch.

Bring the outdoors inside

Since rustic design relies on elements of nature, it makes sense to incorporate nature into your home. Spring 2020 is the perfect time to add lots of plants and greenery inside your house.

There are many benefits to having plants inside your home. Plants are known to be natural air purifiers, and they help keep odors at bay. Be sure to use plants of different shades of green and varying heights. Group your plants near windows with plenty of natural light. Even if you have minimal space, growing plants in tiny pots on a windowsill will update your home’s look.

Key Points To Remember

Rustic style uses elements of nature. It is essential to use wood, metal, and nature. This Spring, consider stretching those boundaries a little bit, and you will achieve a fresh and updated rustic style in your home.