Flea markets are all the rage. Who doesn’t enjoy a weekend spent combing through countless stalls searching for treasure?

You can certainly find lots of unique items at flea markets. These markets can be the best source of decorative objects for your rustic styled home. The key is to know what is worth a second look, and what you can pass on by.

Before heading out for a weekend of treasure hunting, let’s take a look at what is worth your time and what you should pass on.

Before you begin

To have a successful weekend at the flea market, you need to keep a few things to keep in mind. The first point to remember is what constitutes rustic style. The rustic design style is noted for its use of nature and repurposed or recycled items. You will see reclaimed barn wood and metal in your rustic design style. As you start to look through vendor offerings, keep these thoughts in mind.

Metal is a good find

As you start to search through the flea market, keep an eye out for metal. Rustic design style will feature objects that are made from black forged metal, copper, or even steel.

Keep an eye out for rustic-looking candlesticks and picture frames. Some other noteworthy items include metal baskets, vintage dress forms, and sculptures. Keep in mind that all of these items can be repurposed in your home. Metal baskets are useful in all shapes and sizes. They can be used as unique storage containers in just about every room in your house.


Some may shy away from purchasing used rugs, but they can be cleaned. The beauty of gently used rugs is in their wear and tear. These rugs can add depth and dimension to your room and give a real lived-in vibe.

When it comes to rugs, rustic design style encourages layering and mixing and matching. This means you can layer a new carpet, with a flea market find. To help keep the style cohesive, stick to natural fiber rugs or rugs in the same color family. It is perfectly fine to mix a solid color rug with a plaid one, for example.

Picture frames

Frames are one item that you will always have use for. It is a good idea to grab frames at a flea market, even if they aren’t something you need at the time.

Frames can be found in a wide variety of styles and finishes, including metal and distressed wood. It is important to remember that frames can be repurposed for many reasons. You can use them to create shadow boxes to highlight a collection or special objects. You can also use then to create a visually exciting gallery wall. For a pretty look, hang picture frames using a cute ribbon.


Barnwood ladders are a staple of rustic style. Any time you come across a ladder, no matter the size, you should grab it.

Ladders have multiple uses, and you will be glad to have them on hand. Used alone, a ladder is perfect for storing bath towels or displaying quilts. If you attach two of them and add shelves, you can create a bookcase. By leaning one against the wall and attaching boxes, you have created a cute storage space for teacups, wine glasses, or herbs in your kitchen.


Baskets can always be used and gently worn ones scream rustic style. Be sure to grab baskets in many different styles and shapes.

The beautiful thing about baskets is that you can never have too many. Baskets are ideal for storage in bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen. Slim baskets are perfect for organizing chargers, toll passes, and tissues in your car. Hang baskets in your entryway as a way to hold keys and mail.

Other notable flea market items

  • Fabrics-you can use fabrics to create multiple decorative home projects. You can make a cute window treatment, trim pillows, or create chair covers.
  • Silverware-vintage flatware is perfect for rustic design style. Add to your farmhouse table for a real cozy feel.
  • Teacups-if you find teacups at the flea market, be sure to scoop them up. Mix and match teacup patterns and saucers for an authentic rustic style look in your kitchen or dining room. Make sure to display them on a ledge or your tablescape.

Final Tips

Flea markets are an enjoyable way to spend a weekend. While you are there, keep an eye out for gently used, much-loved items. Rustic style design enjoys repurposing and reusing everyday objects. Take a moment to look at a well-worn piece and see an infinite number of design possibilities; the possibilities are endless.