In 1998, Disney released The Parent Trap, a remake of a film from the 1960s. This movie featured a home nestled in the beautiful California wine country (Napa specifically, in the film.). The style was cozy yet vast, classic yet sleek and efficient. Homes there achieve the epitome of open concept and utilizing every inch of space somehow stylishly yet functionally. It is a common misconception to believe that rustic farmhouse design is only popular in the southern United States but in fact, the wine country has been utilizing farmhouse design for just as long if not longer.

Despite the style being rooted in the overall aesthetic of a farmhouse, it can be achieved in any type of living space. Below are five great ways to incorporate this rustic design into any part of your home!

Neutrals, Neutrals, Neutrals!

White furniture can be scary if not taken properly care of but it can also create a warm and inviting sitting area or kitchen to complement your rustic style decor. Large oversized pieces for your living room with cream canvas fabrics and lines created by a wood frame could easily help to achieve this look.

If you have an open concept or large windows, all of that sunshine coming through your home will reflect off those pieces and make your living room feel twice as cozy. Add pops of muted colors to bring your personality forth in this otherwise neutral living space! You not only then have the opportunity to use a pop of color in say the throw pillows but in other areas of your home such as artwork, large pieces of decor like a hutch or other cabinetry.

Upcycling and Restoration:

Achieving a rustic wine country style home doesn’t have to cost a fortune, just some thoughtfully bought items from a local thrift store, desired craft tools, and the imagination to see the potential in the piece working in your space.

Say you find an old barn door, turn it into a rustic tabletop for your kitchen island or coffee table, distress it white to match your cream furniture or refinish it to your desired stain! These are not only fun and inexpensive ways to achieve a wine country style living space but great for the environment as well.

Become a Plant Parent!

These could be fake plants too, don’t worry! With your off-white or cream furniture, you have a bright but neutral base ready to complement anything and everything.

Adding in vines and other greenery especially near windows (even if the plants themselves are fake) creates the feeling of being just steps from the rich country California landscape found in wine country.

Renovation Time? Consider Vaulted Ceilings!

Have you recently decided to renovate your home or perhaps move into a fixer-upper? If it’s structurally possible, consider a vaulted ceiling! In contrast to a typical straight-across ceiling, it follows the shape of the roof, typically coming to a point in the center of the room. These ceilings are usually at least eight feet in height with exposed beams used for aesthetic and/or structural means.

To capture a true wine country style vaulted ceiling, it is best to paint the beams the same color as your ceiling creating a completely open space with ceilings that feel as though they go on forever.

As a disclaimer before doing any renovation: consult a contractor and/or inspector before tearing down walls and opening ceilings to ensure you do not have any load bearing walls or other structures that a vaulted ceiling would compromise.

Minimalistic Approach to Your Outside Greenspace:

What most people don’t think about during home renovation or makeover is the greenspace, beyond simply replacing dead or neglected plants and grass, is actually designing it to be an aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor space.

Time and again we see the vast greenspace being reserved for the actual fields and greater land in these wine country homes and in their immediate backyards, we find minimal greenspace! This could be accomplished with a sleekly designed pool with sharp clean edges, a backyard with mostly cement, and lots of outdoor furniture (in the neutrals once again!) whether that be poolside seating or an outdoor dining area.

Another common feature is planters, planters, planters! Yes even outside instead of the hassle of a garden utilizing sun plants, succulents, cacti, and the like to green up your outdoor without the maintenance of mowing a large open area (at least when it comes to your immediate backyard.)

These ideas are only just the beginning of bringing a rustic wine country style space to your home! Happy decorating!